1. Locate & Verify Your Business

Connect your Google Account. ASAPmaps will do the rest. It starts with a deep-search to confirm there aren't any duplicate listings lurking on the web.

Duplicate listings are like poison. 💀

 Curious as to how we do this? Check out this GMB verification flowchart to get an idea of our thought process.

2. Set Benchmarks

ASAPmaps uses your listing's average historical performance data and confirms those averages as a benchmark for ROI proof. No more guessing games.  

The goal: consistently outperform your previous period, and prove it to you. 🏆

3. Optimize Listing Details

Scrutinize every possible field. Business category, operating hours, business description, address details, phone number & more. There are more than 60 data points optimized for visibility. 

Every detail matters here. 🔍

4. Use Every Google My Business Feature

Every week our US-based team will leverage Google Posts, Reviews, Products & Services, Q&A, Business Messaging & more. Google My Business is about engagement with customers. 

All the things. 🎉

5. Measure ROI

Every month, your dedicated account manager sends a report on the increase in your listing's Local Authority. Boost meaningful phone calls, foot traffic, website visits, and revenue. 

Grow your local business. 🌿

Are you ready to start growing your business? 

Tell us about your business, and we'll do the rest.

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