ASAPmaps subscriptions include all of the features you see throughout the website. Call Tracking includes ownership of a dedicated local phone number and 100 minutes per number, per month! After 100 minutes in the US, there's a per minute fee of $0.03 and/or a $0.04 per message fee

We know, "per minute" sounds like a wireless carrier from the 90's, but we've done the homework and it's really the best possible option to ensure super low billing. In fact, the average location using ASAPmaps call tracking only uses about 250 minutes per month which equates to just $4.50. It's important to remember the call tracking phone number is used for inbound calls only, so the minutes are not used as quickly as one might think. Even the busiest of restaurants or doctor's office incur only a few minutes each month. 

If you'd prefer flat-rate pricing on minutes you're welcome to contact us and we'll set up a custom plan. You can learn more about ASAPmaps pricing here. You can see our Global Rate Card here, for Non-US Pricing.


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