1. Locate & Verify Your Business

Add ASAPmaps as a manager to your listings (don't worry, this is simple). ASAPmaps will do the rest. It starts with a deep-search to confirm there aren't any duplicate listings lurking on the web.

Duplicate listings are like poison. 💀

2. Set Benchmarks

ASAPmaps uses your listing's average historical performance data and confirms those averages as a benchmark for ROI proof. No more guessing games.  

The goal: consistently outperform your previous period, and prove it to you. 🏆

3. Optimize Listing Details

Scrutinize every possible field. Business category, operating hours, business description, address details, phone number & more. There are more than 60 data points optimized for visibility. 

Every detail matters here. 🔍

4. Set Up Google My Business Features

Google Posts, Reviews, Products & Services, Q&A, Business Messaging & more. Google My Business is about engagement with customers. You need to be ready. 

All the things. 🎉

5. Measure ROI

Every month, your dedicated account manager sends a report on the increase in your listing's Local Authority. Boost meaningful phone calls, foot traffic, website visits, and revenue. 

Grow your local business. 🌿

Are you ready to start growing your business? 

Tell us about your business, and we'll do the rest.

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