Yes. If you prefer, ASAPmaps will handle review responses on your behalf. 

Our onboarding team will create a custom set of review responses for your business. Replies will be based upon the number of stars a reviewer submits. 

The typical reply for a negative review, anything less than 3-stars, encourages the reviewer to move the conversation "offline" so more details can be gathered (we politely ask the reviewer to contact the location and usually offer the name, phone and/or email address of a relevant contact).

The typical reply for a neutral review, anything with 3 stars, is usually a bit more muted and typically a variation of "Thank you for the review, we hope to see you again." unless there was a negative tone, in which case an appeal to move the conversation "offline" and contact the location will be offered. 

The typical reply for a positive review, anything with more than 3-stars, offers a variation of something like "Thanks for the great review!" 

In the case of a fake review, our team will report the review to Google immediately. 

For more details on what to do when a negative review contacts your location, visit our blog post on how to respond over the phone or in-person to negative reviews


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