If you have used your browser to perform a search, Google will remember that and personalize search results it further provides for you. Since we are pulling our numbers directly from the Google API, this raw data might be slightly different than a browser search.

If you are performing a search on Google Maps, the zoom level of the map will be a factor as to what results are displayed as well. Since we need to set the zoom to a default level, it might be different than the zoom level you are looking at.

Lastly, we want to stress that rankings are highly variable and dependent on many factors. These include variables such as has the IP address been used before to perform a similar search, are you logged in to Google or not, is the browser in incognito mode, are you using a mobile or desktop. There is no 'perfect' rank scan for local results, because everyone sees slightly different results in a real world scan.

Our tool will provide for you a picture of the coverage area of a business for a specific keyword. This helps you compare your listing to competitors, and to see if your optimization tasks are improving the coverage area for specific keywords.


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