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Ayars is a home remodeling contractor located in southern New Jersey who has over 5 decades of experience in interior and exterior home improvement services.

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The Challenge

Ayars wanted to increase the number of leads in a specific service area for people who had a medium to large budget for home remodeling services. Their specific service area includes a large metropolitan city, Philadelphia, which provides a larger competition base in Google Maps. Most of the competitors include "Home Remodeling" in their actual business name which brings forth a challenge that isn't able to be solved.

The Solution

ASAPmaps completely optimized the Ayars GMB listing to ensure all features were filled in including Services, photos, branding, business details, and more. A GMB call tracking number was added in order to track all calls coming from the listing, not just the mobile taps on the call button. The name, address, and phone number were also synced to 50+ online directories to ensure consistency across the web.

Every week, a new post and a new photo were published to the listing. Each photo and post focused on specific keywords to help increase search visibility. Every photo published to the listing has optimized EXIF data. Reviews were also responded to on a regular basis.

The Results

After 7 months, the difference that ASAPmaps makes is clear. The most beneficial increases that occurred were phone calls and website visits.Local Remodeler Google Maps Ranking

Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) March 2019 - September 2019 Previous Period Difference
Map Views 3766 4199 -10%
Search Views 3013 2442 +19%
Discovery Views 2561 2336 +9%
Direct Views 2134 1895 +11%
Photo Views 10231 4179 +59%
Website Views 312 221 +29%
Mobile Click-To-Calls 95 29 +69%
Driving Directions 71 37 +48%

Using Ayars' stated conversion rates, and average sale price, ASAPmaps influenced $828,607 in potential revenue.

New Calls + Driving Directions 166
Conversion Rate x 20%
Total Conversions = 33.2
Average Sale Price x $25,000
Potential Revenue = $830,000
Your Investment - $199 x 7mo = $1,393
Potential ROI $828,607


  1. Map Views – Total views of any location on Google Maps
  2. Search Views – The number of views of the business through Google searches
  3. Discovery Views – The number of views a business receives through non-direct searches
  4. Direct Views – The number of views a business receives through searching by business name
  5. Photo Views – The amount of times a photo posted on Google My Business is seen
  6. Website Visits – When someone uses the 'Website' button on GMB to visit your webpage
  7. Mobile Click-To-Calls – When someone clicks on a businesses' phone number on Google with the intention to call
  8. Driving directions – Navigation requests to a specific destination

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