About Dr. Lee J. Simon

Erie dentist, Lee J. Simon, offers high-quality family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, tooth restoration treatments, and many more dental services.

The Challenge

Dr. Lee J. Simon wanted to increase the number of scheduled appointments over the phone and through their third party online appointment scheduler on their website. Additionally, they wanted to increase their Google My Business presence to gain an edge over their local competitors. This included increasing website visits and establishing social proof through reviews. Because of their practice being listed in many directories, they wanted contact information synced across the web.

The Solution

ASAPmaps synced information from over fifty directories to ensure that the NAP (Name, Area, and Phone Number) was consistent across the web. Doing this allowed Dr. Lee Simon's information to be uniform, which enables the business to be reached accurately. Posts were published once per week, enabling potential customers to learn more about the business and events.

Photos were posted once per week to show what is happening at Lee Simon and inform users of the services that are performed. Review management was prioritized to ensure that the patients kind enough to leave a review were responded to in a timely manner (which Google favors for search engine optimization).

The Results

In one full year of using ASAPmaps, Dr. Lee J. Simon has seen a significant increase in performance in every Key Performance Indicator (KPI). The KPIs that Google use are:

  1. Map Views – Total views of any location on Google Maps
  2. Search Views – The number of views of the business through Google searches
  3. Discovery Views – The number of views a business receives through non-direct searches (i.e. Dentist vs. Dr. Lee Simon Dentistry)
  4. Direct Views – The number of views a business receives through searching by business name
  5. Photo Views – The amount of times a photo posted on Google My Business is seen
  6. Website Visits – When someone uses the 'Website' button on GMB to visit your webpage
  7. Mobile Click-To-Calls – When someone clicks on a businesses' phone number on Google with the intention to call
  8. Driving directions – Navigation requests to a specific destination

After one year, the difference that ASAPmaps makes is clear:

Key Performance Indicator August 2017 - July 2018 August 2018 - July 2019 Difference
Map Views 2601 3908 50%
Search Views 19628 19984 2%
Discovery Views 16323 17276 6%
Direct Views 3404 4938 45%
Photo Views 3897 20637 430%
Website Views 474 724 53%
Mobile Click-To-Calls 843 1208 43%
Driving Directions 209 326 56%

Using Dr. Lee J. Simon's stated conversion rates, and average sale price, ASAPmaps influenced $81,862 in potential revenue. That's a 3328% return of investment!

New Calls + Driving Directions 482
Conversion Rate x 70%
Total Conversions = 337
Average Sale Price x $250
Potential Revenue = $84,250
Your Investment - $199 x 12mo = $2,388
Potential ROI $81,862

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