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Erie Federal Credit Union (EFCU) has been offering a full range of financial services to the Erie and Crawford County, PA communities since 1936. With more than 62,000 members and assets totaling $529.43 million, EFCU is the 21st largest credit union in Pennsylvania.

The Challenge

EFCU turned to ASAPmaps in the hopes of ranking better on search engine results pages (SERP), and in turn, generating more leads for their business. While EFCU interacts with its customers via review responses, ASAPmaps take customer interaction a step further with engaging content through posts, photos, and more.

The Solution

By utilizing every aspect and feature of Google My Business, ASAPmaps was able to help EFCU see the leads that they desired. After just 90 days of using ASAPmaps, the results are clear. See below how ASAPmaps was responsible for over 9,000 potential leads for EFCU.

The Results

After 90 Days

After 90 days of using ASAPmaps, here are the results for EFCU compared to the previous year's results (prior to ASAPmaps).

Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) March-May 2018 March-May 2019 Difference
Map Views 44,304 68,283 +54%
Search Views 174,301 191,520 +9%
Discovery Views 156,304 177,968 +13%
Direct Views 7,437 28,069 +277%
Photo Views 36,177 86,254 +138%
Website Views 1,193 2,940 +146%
Mobile Click-To-Calls 4,434 7,597 +71%
Driving Directions 1,724 1,574 -8%

Using EFCU's stated conversion rates and average sale price, ASAPmaps influenced $114,187.50 in potential revenue. That's a 25,275% return on investment!

New Calls + Driving Directions 9,171
Conversion Rate x 5%
Total Conversions = 458.55
Average Sale Price x $250
Potential Revenue = $114,637.50
Your Investment - $150 x 3mo = $450
Potential ROI $114,187.50

Stay Tuned for 1-Year Results


  1. Map Views – Total views of any location on Google Maps
  2. Search Views – The number of views of the business through Google searches
  3. Discovery Views – The number of views a business receives through non-direct searches
  4. Direct Views – The number of views a business receives through searching by business name
  5. Photo Views – The amount of times a photo posted on Google My Business is seen
  6. Website Visits – When someone uses the 'Website' button on GMB to visit your webpage
  7. Mobile Click-To-Calls – When someone clicks on a businesses' phone number on Google with the intention to call
  8. Driving directions – Navigation requests to a specific destination

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