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Kneib Dentistry has been serving dental patients in Erie, PA for more than 30 years. Dr. Kneib and his experienced
team will work to help you look and feel your best, so you leave with a smile to last a lifetime.

The Challenge

Kneib Dentistry came to ASAPmaps in hopes of increasing the number of calls to their office. As an added bonus, the thought of not having to worry about updating their Google My Business each week appealed to the team at Kneib Dentistry, directly pointing them towards ASAPmaps' services.

The Solution

ASAPmaps published photos and posts once every week in order to show Google that the Kneib Dentistry GMB listing is active and engaging with their (potential) clients. Call tracking was installed to accurately measure the number of calls received. 

The Results

After 90 Days

After 90 days of using ASAPmaps, here are the results for Kneib Dentistry compared to the previous year's results (prior to ASAPmaps).

Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) April - June 2018 April - June 2019 Difference
Map Views 1,318 9,349 +609%
Search Views 6,702 4,247 -36%
Discovery Views 5,206 3,745 -28%
Direct Views 1,037 3,993 +285%
Photo Views 7,069 22,433 +217%
Website Views 179 238 +33%
Mobile Click-To-Calls 223 270 +21%
Driving Directions 144 176 +22%

Using Kneib Dentistry's stated conversion rates and average sale price, ASAPmaps influenced $16,153 in potential revenue. That's a 2,605% return on investment!

New Calls + Driving Directions 446
Conversion Rate x 15%
Total Conversions = 67
Average Sale Price x $250
Potential Revenue = $16,750
Your Investment - $199 x 3mo = $597
Potential ROI $16,153

Stay Tuned for 1-Year Results


  1. Map Views – Total views of any location on Google Maps
  2. Search Views – The number of views of the business through Google searches
  3. Discovery Views – The number of views a business receives through non-direct searches
  4. Direct Views – The number of views a business receives through searching by business name
  5. Photo Views – The amount of times a photo posted on Google My Business is seen
  6. Website Visits – When someone uses the 'Website' button on GMB to visit your webpage
  7. Mobile Click-To-Calls – When someone clicks on a businesses' phone number on Google with the intention to call
  8. Driving directions – Navigation requests to a specific destination

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